Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lamont - Thunder Boogie

Lamont - Thunder Boogie (released ?)

Not too impressed with the vocals but, if you dig Clutch, Fu Manchu & even some Raging Slab riffage, than you'll really dig the drive behind Lamont.

01 Hot Wire
02 Vegas
03 I Saw Red
04 Rocket Ride
05 One White Line
06 Thunderboogie
07 Hell's Got Me Runnin'
08 Psychopath
09 Agent 49 - Linkprotection

Monday, February 9, 2009

Herbert - Steppin' Off to Eden

Herbert - Steppin' Off to Eden (released 2000)

01 Cattle Call
02 The War Song
03 Grone
04 Voodoo Swing
05 The Monster
06 Pickin' Apples
07 Wonderlust
08 1000 Dreams
09 Reposado
10 Devil's Garden
11 Locust Rain

Herbert set forth with eleven slabs of ground up sonic carnage. Overall, Herbert is reminiscent of Corrosion Of Conformity, Terra Firma, and Black Sabbath all rolled up into one smoked-out package. Herbert plays unpretentious music from the gut; music that seeps from the well-spring of Mother Earth and rises like a Phoenix from the sun-drenched sands of the desert.(review by Christopher J. Kelter).

-Band has since changed their name to Automatic Animal (haven't been able to locate any YET!!!) - Linkprotection

Friday, January 9, 2009

Artimus Pyledriver

Artimus Pyledriver (released '06)

Just recently caught wind of this very cool & unique sounding bunch of "Stoners". I haven't been able to shut it off. Just imagine The Four Horsemen on Stoner Steroids pummeling through Arizona in a chopped-up '32 Ford Roadster.............there you go!

01 Swamp Devil
02 Dixie Fight Song
03 Ride On
04 Dirt Road, White Girl
05 High Life
06 Natural Progression
07 Up the Creek
08 Shaggin' Ass
09 Get Some
10 Gone to the Mountain

2006 - Artimus Pyledriver (

Password - dg1945 (everyone, say thanx to Valledelmuerto!)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trouble - Demos & Rarities ('80-'95)

A wonderful work definately a MUST for any TROUBLE FAN!! This one like the other, states its made in Europe and its limited to 500 copies. Buy it now! In one year copies of this will be sold for 35-50 usd so hurry up! Ive seen copies of the volume one at these crazy prices recently on ebay.

Track list:
1. Mythic Hero
2. Fly
3. Get Back
4. Another day
5. Requiem
6. Long Shadows fall
7. Here the earth
8. Doom March
9. R.I.P.
10. Black Shapes of Doom
11. The wolf
12. Assassin
13. Psalm 9
14. Victim of the insane

Tracks 1-6: From demo 93 unreleased
Track 7: Unreleased track 1994
Track 8: Instrumental unreleased live instrumental track - Frankfurt 94
Tracks 9-11: Live Dynamo 4/6/90 - unreleased live tracks
Tracks 12-14: Chicago TV Studios broadcast 1984 session | Free File Spreading Engine