Sunday, January 29, 2012


"Five guys from Borlänge, Sweden with a passion for 70's style riff based heavy rock. We are trying to do what we love, combining the old with something new, just livin' it up, playing live, enjoy life and drink beer with people who love what we do". - Facebook Bio

Thalamus - Beneath a Dying Sun (2008)

1. By The River
2. Unravelled
3. Poor Man's Brain
4. Can't Live Without Your Love
5. Ride
6. Next To Me
7. Firefly
8. Maze Of Revelations
9. Were Gonna Die Someday
10. Too Stoned
11. Falling

Thalamus - Subterfurge (2011)

"After a great debut release in 2008, and some lineup changes since then, the Thalamus returned to release a new album in 2011, Labour won the name "Subterfurge" and has even showing up recently in our top list albums of 2011.

Here is the Thalamus band shows a much more willing to try new sounds have not yet visited by the band, on the first track on the disc, in the dark "Mary Blues Intro" we face a blues, as well as the name implies, the emphasis this track is the main vocal, very similar to the legendary leader of the grunge band Screaming Trees, Mark Lenagan. Since the matter came in grunge, the Thalamus explores a bit of style in the next track, "Bring Down Mary."

"When Gobblins Cheer" is the third track, and then the weight of seventies hard rock comes to the disk in a raw and intense band that surrounds a good beginning for the "Subterforge." That feeling once in a sacrament "Blind" and rhythm full of groove. After a good beginning is now time to see the profit in this case, a very hard compound. As in his first work, the Thalamus can make the best of the simple, unadorned but showing other jurisdiction in knowing how well it all in good songs".

Just simply one of my recently found Faves! Another HUGE thank you to the Stoner Capital of Sweden!!!

01. Blues Mary Intro
02. Bring Down Mary
03. When Goblins Cheer
04. Blind
05. Still Dancing On My Grave
06. I Hope You Understand (remix D.Bergstrand)
07. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
08. Shot To Hell
09. She Sells Desolation
10. Love Is Shining On The Dead Man
11. Through The Fields