Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trash Titan

These guys are a real "Southern Fried Treat" from L.A. That's right, I said California!? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of literature on these fellas however their Bio simply states "Three incredibly handsome men from New Hampshire playing loud blues-tinged rock". The first track Medicine, is in my opinion, one of the best "Southern/Stoner" tunes of ALL TIME!!!...thinkin' Raging Slab meets Blackfoot meets.............

Collyn McCoy -- Vocals, Bass
Jeff "Broadsword" Broady -- Drums
Rob Burns -- Guitar

Trash Titan s/t E.p. 2011

1. Medicine
2. Sunny Day
3. Whiskey Love
4. Push Me Away
5. Talkin' 'Bout You

The band offers 3 more downloads on their facebook "My Band" page from their '09 s/t Demo.

1. I Bear Your Name
2. Painted Lady
3. The Dog Song
4. The Entity
5. The Rock Song

Friday, May 27, 2011

Palm Desert - Discography

Palm Desert from Poland and there is no surprise to see such a talented band from that region. It has been sometime listening to a good Stoner doom with variety .
Ostensibly this is some sort of sludge/stoner/doom metal and superficially it bears a passing resemblance to many of the great sludge/stoner doom albums, but there are subtle differences. Palm Desert is far more heavier, both in sound and atmosphere. Franek's vocals flow very well with Jajo’s guitars and it is a great combination. The individual instruments congeal into a lumbering, lurching monster, monolithic in both heaviness and intensity. The drums pound; the bass drum is full, low and thick, while the crash and ride are near constantly ring-war drums. The drums usually take the last seat as they are bit monotonous for this music most of the time and same holds good here.

Palm Desert - The Highest Fuel Level '09

01 - Get Ready For Me
02 - Existence Jail
03 - Still Believe
04 - Shotgun
05 - Bigger & Higher
06 - Doors of Perception
07 - Carefree Childhood
08 - Go Home
09 - Underwater

Palm Desert - Dawn of the Burning Sun '09

01 - Fallen Star Awakening
02 - 10,00 Miles Away
03 - Imagine Eyes
04 - Wakatan
05 - Dawn of the Burning Sun
06 - Highway Runaway
07 - If Only You Need a...
08 - Ubermensch
09 - Fucking Everything
10 - Endless Storm

Palm Desert - Falls of the Wastelands 2010

01 - After the Storm
02 - Chase the Sun
03 - Johnny Goblin
04 - Set Me Free
05 - Yerba Mate
06 - Grow Up My Little Man
07 - The Tempter
08 - Adliwun
09 - Jesus
10 - Give Me More
11 - Solar Trip


Coping with the Urban Coyote is the sole official release of Unida, the second post-Kyuss project featuring John Garcia, crunchier and more energetic than ever. What can you expect from a short lived band whose primary claim to fame is that the vocalist used to be in Kyuss? Unida delivers everything, especially riffs, they‘re fat, loud, and memorable. The Rhythm section is downright masterful, with some especially inspiring bass portions, and as for the voice of desert rock himself? If anything, Garcia’s voice has aged with style. In the 4 years since the breakup of Kyuss, he’s developed a fuller tone, with better expression and much more confidence. Tracks like “If Only Two”, and “Human Torpedo” feature a grittier, tougher Garcia, and a downright pounding rhythm.
The rhythm section delivers two downright monstrous performances in “If Only Two” and “You Wish”, and then a bunch of other solid backings in the other 6 tracks. The most remarkable thing about “Coping with the urban coyote” is that there isn’t a weak track to be seen. Even some of the best metal albums have the unnecessary ballad or the space-wasting filler. Unida has no need for such crutches. Being that It's referenced for both it’s stellar vocal performance and the quality of the rhythm section.

Unida - Coping With the Urban Coyote '99

01 - Thorn
02 - Black Woman
03 - Plastic
04 - Human Tornado
05 - If Only Two
06 - Nervous
07 - Dwarf It
08 - You Wish

Unida - The Great Divide 2001

This album got shelved due to company partner, Island/Def Jam, not seeing any potential in the album. As usual, the suits couldn't have been more wrong.

1. Puppet Man
2. Stray
3. Summer
4. King
5. Cain
6. Vince Fontaine
7. Hangman's Daughter
8. Glory Out
9. Slaylina
10. MFNO
11. Last Day
12. Trouble
13. Human Tornado
14. Thorn
15. Wet Pussycat

Thursday, May 26, 2011

SOUTHELL - Alcohol Fueled, Weed Inspired

Southell's first breaths take place in 2008, when Met and Strona merge at a Brutal Truth's gig. Soon after, Kian, Naso and Mich join the band.
Mostly inspired by Down, the band starts to play a direct southern metal with massive sludge/stoner's influences.
During the next two years, Southell brings heavy riffs at gigs and music festivals all over center Italy, playing with bands like Zippo, Orange Sunshine, Acajou, Vortice Cremisi, Kurnalcool and many more.

SOUTHELL - Alcohol Fueled, Weed Inspired e.p. 2011
1.Weedlust 06:01
2.Overtaken 07:18
3.Drowned 04:33
4.Straight On 06:15
5.Mind Trip 05:33
6.The Lie 10:10

Monday, May 23, 2011

Black Thai - Blood From On High

Black Thai was formed in 2009 by friends Jim Healey (We're All Gonna Die) and Scotty Fuse (Cortez). After many drunken late night conversations about music, the two decided it would be a good idea to start a band without any expectations or pressure. Just for the pure fun of having a few beers and playing loud rock. A return to simpler times. The two enlisted bassist Cory Cocomozzi to handle the low end. Jeremy Hemond assumed control of the drum throne and Black Thai was born. Picture Corrosion Of Conformity (during Deliverance period) jammin' with Danzig but only Elvis stayed home.

Black Thai - Blood From On High (2010)

01 The Ladder
02 Satan's Toolshed
03 Saturation Point
04 Sinking Ships
05 333

BANDITO Discography

Bandito is a hard-rock quintet hailing from Nijmegen, Holland. The band combines the Stoner-groove of Kyuss with the Hard-rock-punch of Down, while creaming it with a smooth layer of Atomic Bitchwax. Despite their short existence they have already played some major festivals like ‘Huntenpop’ and ‘de Affaire’. They’ve also won several band competitions.
In 2009 Bandito released their first EP which got a lot of positive feedback. With this EP they’ve toured throughout the Netherlands. Now it’s time for a new release and a refreshed Bandito. Their second release is set for the 12th March 2011. This 10” piece of vinyl is bound to take the band to the next level, play outside their home country. This will give Bandito the opportunity to do what they do best… play live!
"From the ashes of Nijmegen city arose five dirty bastards. They cleared the sky from all the well-behavingness that sweetened the air.
Stok, the beatslayering stickmaster. Bart, the roar in the engine. Chef, the lord of the riff. Llord, the howl in the distance. And Tommy-gun, the Roadslick. Ripping through your ears like a Ford Mustang doing a burnout in your living room".

Jord - Vocals
Chef - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Tommy - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Bart - Bass/Backing Vocals
Stok - Drums

Bandito I (ep 2009)
1.For No One 03:33
2.Trent Boyett 06:02
3.Killing Black 04:16
4.Cubic Cycle 03:47

Bandito II (2011)
1.Thousand Hands 04:31
2.Nothing Good, Nothing Bad 04:19
3.Dead Man Running 03:52
4.Just Business 04:40

also available on Bandito's FREE Bandcamp portfolio is their 2010 single release Veneno (Mexico City).

Friday, May 13, 2011


"Planet Of Zeus were formed back in 2000,when Babis and Yog decided that they could not express themselves within the bands they had played til then. Two years later the band was eventually established as a trio with J.V. on the bass. The band started giving high-energy live performances, playing with several greek bands in Athens and eventually allover Greece. In the summer of 2004 they decided that the time had come to stop fooling around and record their first demo cd (LOOP 430). The second recording of the band took place almost one year after Loop 430. Two of the band's songs were included in the first two Spinalonga Records compilations "In the Junkyard vol.1 and 2". On July '06 Planet of Zeus finally started the recordings of their debut album which came to be "Eleven the Hard Way". At the beginning of year 2007 a new member came on board. Yog grabbed the guitar and Serapheim G. took Yog's place behind the drums. Eventually, "Eleven the Hard Way" was released worlwide on 21st of April 2008, by Casket Music/Copro Records (UK) .During all these years, Planet of Zeus have just been trying to enjoy themselves playing music and continue what bands like Motorhead, Black Sabbath, and Jimi Hendrix's Experience were doing in the past as well as mixing it with todays heavy sound and their own personal flavour. Some bands landed on planet earth to change the face of music...some other bands just came to rock...and that's what Planet of Zeus best do"..

PLANET OF ZEUS - Macho Libre 2011

01 - Dotero
02 - Dawn of the Dead
03 - Leftovers
04 - Vanity Suit
05 - Unicorn Without a Horn
06 - Macho Libre
07 - The Ballad of Boston George
08 - Apocalypse
09 - The Game
10 - Scream
11 - Hazelnur (r.i.p.)

PLANET OF ZEUS - Eleven the Hard Way 2008

01 - Eat Me Alive
02 - Something's Wrong
03 - Woke Up Dead (William H. Bonne)
04 - Stab Me
05 - Supernothing
06 - Same Mistakes
07 - DN'B
08 - Planet of Zeus
09 - Love Invasion
10 - Space Loop 430

Saturday, May 7, 2011

ROLLERBALL - Submarine

Rollerball - Submarine (2009)

Submarine is the latest album from Australian rockers Rollerball. Recorded in 5 days at Black Box Studios in Brisbane, Queensland with acclaimed engineer Jeff Lovejoy, the goal of the recording was to capture the intensity & raw power of the Rollerball live experience.

Long regarded as one of the country’s most incendiary live bands, Rollerball are ready to tear the roof off. Sharing stages with stoner legends Queens Of The Stoneage, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, Budgie & Oz rock royalty The Angels & Rose Tattoo Rollerball are the the real deal.

Take a mix of AC/DC, Kyuss, Blue Oyster Cult & Thin Lizzy & you get a hint of the unique Rollerball sound. Massive riffs, surrealist lyrics, tribal rhythms & pounding grooves, this is hard rock without irony, pastiche or plagiarism. From turbo charged belters, prog mind melters, sing along shanties & epic stoner jams, Submarine is an album that demands to be heard from start to finish.

01 - Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
02 - Submarine
03 - Seasoar
04 - Youth Ballad (Back to Hell)
05 - Your Lullaby
06 - We Always Slide
07 - The Devil's Reprise
08 - Run Aground
09 - Tame Existence
10 - B-Ray Boogie
11 - Never A Rodeo!download|700l36|256060465|Rollerball_-_2009_-_Submarine.rar|110794|R~6521E709192A98DC9752908D8E5B0174

Friday, May 6, 2011

PONAMERO SUNDOWN - Discography (full length)

PONAMERO SUNDOWN - Stonerized (2009)

Memorable hooks, tons of groove, a free spirit and enough riffs to fill a canyon! That is the recipe behind this band who started their journey in mid November 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. The idea was to write music influenced by a favoured decade in hard rock - the 70´s together with the warm fuzz of the stoner rock scene. The members come from different backgrounds but have been in the music scene for years, playing in different constellations and outfits...

During these past years Ponamero Sundown has built up a reputation and spread their music across the borders taking them out on the road to play to audiences and fans in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the UK.

01 - Alcoholic Deathride
02 - Curtain Call
03 - Reborn
04 - Rotten Religion
05 - Live the Lie
06 - Intermission (Heartbreak Disease)
07 - Hell Sent
08 - The Race
09 - Made of Stone
10 - Doctor of Evil
11 - Double You
12 - Stonerized

PONAMERO SUNDOWN - Rodeo Electrica (2011)

1. Evil Wand
2. Highway Messiah
3. Sorrows
4. The Dice
5. 1025
6. Rodeo El├ęctrica Part I
7. Shot for Glory
8. Sinners Breed
9. Not the Time
10. The Ghost
11. Goddess of the Sun
12. Fathomless Nothingness
13.Rodeo El├ęctrica Part II