Friday, May 6, 2011

PONAMERO SUNDOWN - Discography (full length)

PONAMERO SUNDOWN - Stonerized (2009)

Memorable hooks, tons of groove, a free spirit and enough riffs to fill a canyon! That is the recipe behind this band who started their journey in mid November 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. The idea was to write music influenced by a favoured decade in hard rock - the 70´s together with the warm fuzz of the stoner rock scene. The members come from different backgrounds but have been in the music scene for years, playing in different constellations and outfits...

During these past years Ponamero Sundown has built up a reputation and spread their music across the borders taking them out on the road to play to audiences and fans in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Poland and the UK.

01 - Alcoholic Deathride
02 - Curtain Call
03 - Reborn
04 - Rotten Religion
05 - Live the Lie
06 - Intermission (Heartbreak Disease)
07 - Hell Sent
08 - The Race
09 - Made of Stone
10 - Doctor of Evil
11 - Double You
12 - Stonerized

PONAMERO SUNDOWN - Rodeo Electrica (2011)

1. Evil Wand
2. Highway Messiah
3. Sorrows
4. The Dice
5. 1025
6. Rodeo El├ęctrica Part I
7. Shot for Glory
8. Sinners Breed
9. Not the Time
10. The Ghost
11. Goddess of the Sun
12. Fathomless Nothingness
13.Rodeo El├ęctrica Part II