Saturday, May 7, 2011

ROLLERBALL - Submarine

Rollerball - Submarine (2009)

Submarine is the latest album from Australian rockers Rollerball. Recorded in 5 days at Black Box Studios in Brisbane, Queensland with acclaimed engineer Jeff Lovejoy, the goal of the recording was to capture the intensity & raw power of the Rollerball live experience.

Long regarded as one of the country’s most incendiary live bands, Rollerball are ready to tear the roof off. Sharing stages with stoner legends Queens Of The Stoneage, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, Budgie & Oz rock royalty The Angels & Rose Tattoo Rollerball are the the real deal.

Take a mix of AC/DC, Kyuss, Blue Oyster Cult & Thin Lizzy & you get a hint of the unique Rollerball sound. Massive riffs, surrealist lyrics, tribal rhythms & pounding grooves, this is hard rock without irony, pastiche or plagiarism. From turbo charged belters, prog mind melters, sing along shanties & epic stoner jams, Submarine is an album that demands to be heard from start to finish.

01 - Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
02 - Submarine
03 - Seasoar
04 - Youth Ballad (Back to Hell)
05 - Your Lullaby
06 - We Always Slide
07 - The Devil's Reprise
08 - Run Aground
09 - Tame Existence
10 - B-Ray Boogie
11 - Never A Rodeo!download|700l36|256060465|Rollerball_-_2009_-_Submarine.rar|110794|R~6521E709192A98DC9752908D8E5B0174