Monday, May 23, 2011

BANDITO Discography

Bandito is a hard-rock quintet hailing from Nijmegen, Holland. The band combines the Stoner-groove of Kyuss with the Hard-rock-punch of Down, while creaming it with a smooth layer of Atomic Bitchwax. Despite their short existence they have already played some major festivals like ‘Huntenpop’ and ‘de Affaire’. They’ve also won several band competitions.
In 2009 Bandito released their first EP which got a lot of positive feedback. With this EP they’ve toured throughout the Netherlands. Now it’s time for a new release and a refreshed Bandito. Their second release is set for the 12th March 2011. This 10” piece of vinyl is bound to take the band to the next level, play outside their home country. This will give Bandito the opportunity to do what they do best… play live!
"From the ashes of Nijmegen city arose five dirty bastards. They cleared the sky from all the well-behavingness that sweetened the air.
Stok, the beatslayering stickmaster. Bart, the roar in the engine. Chef, the lord of the riff. Llord, the howl in the distance. And Tommy-gun, the Roadslick. Ripping through your ears like a Ford Mustang doing a burnout in your living room".

Jord - Vocals
Chef - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Tommy - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Bart - Bass/Backing Vocals
Stok - Drums

Bandito I (ep 2009)
1.For No One 03:33
2.Trent Boyett 06:02
3.Killing Black 04:16
4.Cubic Cycle 03:47

Bandito II (2011)
1.Thousand Hands 04:31
2.Nothing Good, Nothing Bad 04:19
3.Dead Man Running 03:52
4.Just Business 04:40

also available on Bandito's FREE Bandcamp portfolio is their 2010 single release Veneno (Mexico City).