Sunday, February 12, 2012


CRIMSON STONE is a rock band formed in 2005. Bob (Guitars & Vocals) recorded some songs at his home studio the same year and they became the first demo: SATAN IS IN LOVE WITH STONER ROCK. When Fred (Bass & Backing Vocals) listened to those tracks, he told Bob: “Hey dude, it’s time to rock”. A few months later, Sam (drums) joined the band. In 2008 they edited their first long play: “From Hell They Came” which had very good reviews by the media.

Here you can find what the band is; A PURE HARD ROCK MACHINE!

Crimson Stone - Rock Marshals (2011)
4.Rockers & Rollers 04:17

Crimson Stone - From Hell They Came (2008)
1.THE OUTLAW 00:56
3.MTV STAR 04:01

Sunday, January 29, 2012


"Five guys from Borlänge, Sweden with a passion for 70's style riff based heavy rock. We are trying to do what we love, combining the old with something new, just livin' it up, playing live, enjoy life and drink beer with people who love what we do". - Facebook Bio

Thalamus - Beneath a Dying Sun (2008)

1. By The River
2. Unravelled
3. Poor Man's Brain
4. Can't Live Without Your Love
5. Ride
6. Next To Me
7. Firefly
8. Maze Of Revelations
9. Were Gonna Die Someday
10. Too Stoned
11. Falling

Thalamus - Subterfurge (2011)

"After a great debut release in 2008, and some lineup changes since then, the Thalamus returned to release a new album in 2011, Labour won the name "Subterfurge" and has even showing up recently in our top list albums of 2011.

Here is the Thalamus band shows a much more willing to try new sounds have not yet visited by the band, on the first track on the disc, in the dark "Mary Blues Intro" we face a blues, as well as the name implies, the emphasis this track is the main vocal, very similar to the legendary leader of the grunge band Screaming Trees, Mark Lenagan. Since the matter came in grunge, the Thalamus explores a bit of style in the next track, "Bring Down Mary."

"When Gobblins Cheer" is the third track, and then the weight of seventies hard rock comes to the disk in a raw and intense band that surrounds a good beginning for the "Subterforge." That feeling once in a sacrament "Blind" and rhythm full of groove. After a good beginning is now time to see the profit in this case, a very hard compound. As in his first work, the Thalamus can make the best of the simple, unadorned but showing other jurisdiction in knowing how well it all in good songs".

Just simply one of my recently found Faves! Another HUGE thank you to the Stoner Capital of Sweden!!!

01. Blues Mary Intro
02. Bring Down Mary
03. When Goblins Cheer
04. Blind
05. Still Dancing On My Grave
06. I Hope You Understand (remix D.Bergstrand)
07. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
08. Shot To Hell
09. She Sells Desolation
10. Love Is Shining On The Dead Man
11. Through The Fields

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Introducing SPARTAKIEV! A new four piece rock outfit from Holland and yet again not surprisingly so, yet another fine release from the Country that seems to keep breeding great and serious rock n roll outfits! I stumbled across this band whilst researching through the never ending gems over at Bandcamp.

Spartakiev whilst not playing anything new, surprise me with their incredibly glowing sounds that send me back to the late 90's to early 00's. Where Stoner rock was somewhat peaking and loads of great bands kept putting out amazing records! Spartakiev hail in this area think, the punk like vibes of Demoncleaner, The Rawness of early Dozer, Dern Rutlidge and the sometimes jazz, surf elements of Fatso Jetson and you have a pretty good feeling as to what you are getting yourself into.

This 6 track demo/ep depending on what intent it's for is a classy introduction record with enough swings to make you not get bored and enough grooves to keep you wanting more. Tracks like "One " Oozes that classic stoner feeling, we all came to dig and love with dozer like vocals and chunking bass lines and classic raw blues with enough bite to keep it on that nice heavy side yet not at all being too heavy. "Swing a Swung" heads down the muffled down tuned road and reminds me to some degree of the earlier desert sessions stuff that was done on, say volumes 1 & 2!

"Daemons", see's "Spartakiev" get down to business a truly kick ass song and a real eye opener to what this band is about! Vocals on this track are seriously nailed, the chorus is so catchy with spoken word like haunts and crushing punk styled riff layer behind it! Again nothing new, but the wheel sometimes doesn't need to be reinvented, to enjoy good old fashioned stoner rock and roll!
by Matt Frighetto

1.Traveling Alone 03:14
2.Los Weirdos V3.6 04:37
3.One 05:09
4.Swing a Swung 04:05
5.Deamons 04:33
6.New Morning 04:01

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brand New Sin

"When a band follows in the tradition of legends like Iron Maiden, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black Sabbath and powers its rock with three guitarists it ends up sounding like Motorhead after a fist fight with Down and Corrosion Of Conformity. Hailing from Syracuse, once considered the straight edge, hardcore capitol of the world, Brand New Sin features former members of the critically acclaimed metalcore band Godbelow. Thanks to its masculine riffs and brawny vocals, Brand New Sin could easily redefine Syracuse as a town that produces solid, blue-collar rock bands, as opposed to manufacturing samey moshcore. Brand New Sin, named after what the band describes as the "birth of something bad and the epitome of gluttony," formed when Godbelow wanted to go in a new direction. Since Godbelow embodied a specific type of reputation, the band decided to change their name in accordance with their new sound. BNS now resembles a mesmerizing amalgam of sludgy, dirt-under-the-fingernails, calloused skin rock and down home, southern style blues".
Joe Altier - Lead Vocals
Slider - Guitar/Vocals
Chuck Kahl - Bass
Kris Wiechmann - Guitar
Ken Dunham - Guitar
Mike Rafferty - Drums

Brand New Sin (2002)

Recipe For Disaster (2005)

Tequila (2006)

Distilled (2009)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gordon Fights 2011

Just simply an excellent Stoner groove from Stockholm Sweden. We'll be hearing more from these guys for sure, though you wouldn't know it from their own "Sawed Off" bio, but here it is regardless. You're not going to be disappointed if you'd like Raging Slab & Wolfmother on the Rocks!!? Don't listen to me, just have a sample & dig'em!

"Formed in august 2008 and released their first recording as a EP in December same year. It got a great response and resulted in a couple of cool gigs and a growing fan base. Full-length album coming in September via Transubstans records".

01. As I Please
02. Birds & Flowers
03. I’m Gonna Wait
04. Dance Quite Well
05. Brothers & Sisters
06. Time Machine
07. No Rope Around Me
08. Little Darling
09. Warrior
10. Parasite

Friday, November 11, 2011


"A heavy riff, a rock’n roll pulse, a warm wind dry as a burning stone under the Texan sun. This is the sound of Startruckers: dirty Southern Rock music, emerged from the 90’s. Here, it’s not about tight jeans, spikes or emo fringes: it’s just a good old powerful sound, fed with Stoner, Grunge and Jack Daniel’s. With members from the coolest bands on the French Riviera (Dismo, Artefact, Ghostfather, and The Cactus Rodeo) who were fed up with making concessions, and who wanted to do just one thing: play their own music, together, old school style, to prove to everyone that the 90’s rock hard! Startruckers will kick your ass, dude"!
Sorry I could'nt find any videos for these guys but..........

Startruckers - The Southern Sessions #1
1.Down The River
2.The Black Starway
3.Piss & Loathe Generation

Startruckers - The Southern Sessions #2
1.The Walking Dead
2.White Mountain
3.The King's Fall

Startruckers - The Southern Sessions #3
1 - Picture of Mary from Judge Jerom
2 - Set Nada Free
3 - Dr. Ink Spire

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

American Witch - Burn the Crow 2011

Got a really cool message from a new friend on Facebook (through "Porthole to Stoner Rock") saying that he really digs my little blog here!!! Thanx very much to Andrew & his Boyz. Since I pretty much have to put labels on things for TAG purposes around here, Andrew & his Boyz ROCK by the name of AMERICAN WITCH & they are to me an awesome train chuggin' Stoner/Sludge/Metal band that is a very catchy act to be reckoned with indeed!!! If you're a fan of Pantera,Down or C.O.C., but are more into the Hard-Rockin' & Riff Orientd stuff, then these guys are definately what you want & we just might be sticking to our "Stoner Vein". That's what Bob so loves to support here on the blog. Good luck to AMERICAN WITCH with Burn the Crow in a truly tough industry to be in war with! Thank God for the underground fans that know exactly what they love & what they're looking for! So no matter what the future holds, AMERICAN WITCH is very welcome here!!!

"Formed in Northern CA. in 2010, American Witch is set to release their debut album 'Burn The Crow' mid October 2011 and will be available online via the American Witch online store at, iTunes, AmazonMP3, and many more various online distribution sites. There is no label for this band. Their influences range from Skynyrd to Corrosion of Conformity, from Black Sabbath to Pantera, and are proudly worn on their sleeves. This band is not about conforming to trends or being commercially accepted. Artistic and musical freedom was the mind set from conception....."

American Witch '3 Song teaser'

Track Listing:
1. Stay The Slave
2. Dirt King
3. God Hand


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

KAMCHATKA - Power Trio

Kamchatka are a Swedish power trio highly influenced by late 1960s and early 1970s blues-rock bands. Their sound combines elements of blues-rock, stoner rock and psychedelic prog rock. Bury Your Roots is the fourth album of Kamchatka containing 12 songs. The album was recorded and mixed by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka at Shrimpmonkey Studios and mastered by Johan Eckerblad at Mintelligence Studios.

01 Perfect
02 Hindsight
03 TV Blues
04 The Same
05 Demonbelly
06 Good Night
07 Bye Bye Mind's Eye
08 Puppet
09 Before Things Get Rough
10 Worried
11 I've Got to Learn
12 Bury Your Roots

Kamchatka I '05

Kamchatka II '07

Kamchatka III '09

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Buzzer is an Israeli Stoner Metal band, formed in 2005, they are considered the pioneers of the genre in their country.

BuZZer's website is just simply an AWESOME work of "Ear Pussy Tickling" art!!!

In 2005 Greg formed the band as a trio and immediately started to work on a debut EP which was released later that year under the title of Got Me Wasted. It was the first stoner metal release in Israel. Two years later the band released it's debut album Buzzraiser, which was a hit in the Israeli undergroud when all of the 500 original copies we're sold out. The single Alive was released in late 2009 and will be a part of the second album that is bound to be release in late 2011/early 2012.

Got Me Wasted (EP, 2005) - Self-released

1. Hell Yeah
2. Blame
3. Spit It Out
4. Get Me Wasted Again
5. Witchsnake

Buzzraiser (2007) - Self-released/Orgasmatron Records

1. Knee Of The Serpent
2. Buzzraiser
3. Wizzard's Daughter
4. Oblivion
5. Gasoline Slave
6. Burn N' Stone
7. J.G. Speech
8. Train (bonus track)
9. Rotting (bonus track)

Both FREE right HERE!!! @

Saturday, June 4, 2011

CLUTCH - Discography

Just happened to trip over this link that any fan of CLUTCH could nod to respectfully. At this point it is the full discography up to "Strange Cousins", whether or not someone updates it after the re-issue of "Blast Tyrant", You're guess is as good as mine........Enjoy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trash Titan

These guys are a real "Southern Fried Treat" from L.A. That's right, I said California!? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of literature on these fellas however their Bio simply states "Three incredibly handsome men from New Hampshire playing loud blues-tinged rock". The first track Medicine, is in my opinion, one of the best "Southern/Stoner" tunes of ALL TIME!!!...thinkin' Raging Slab meets Blackfoot meets.............

Collyn McCoy -- Vocals, Bass
Jeff "Broadsword" Broady -- Drums
Rob Burns -- Guitar

Trash Titan s/t E.p. 2011

1. Medicine
2. Sunny Day
3. Whiskey Love
4. Push Me Away
5. Talkin' 'Bout You

The band offers 3 more downloads on their facebook "My Band" page from their '09 s/t Demo.

1. I Bear Your Name
2. Painted Lady
3. The Dog Song
4. The Entity
5. The Rock Song

Friday, May 27, 2011

Palm Desert - Discography

Palm Desert from Poland and there is no surprise to see such a talented band from that region. It has been sometime listening to a good Stoner doom with variety .
Ostensibly this is some sort of sludge/stoner/doom metal and superficially it bears a passing resemblance to many of the great sludge/stoner doom albums, but there are subtle differences. Palm Desert is far more heavier, both in sound and atmosphere. Franek's vocals flow very well with Jajo’s guitars and it is a great combination. The individual instruments congeal into a lumbering, lurching monster, monolithic in both heaviness and intensity. The drums pound; the bass drum is full, low and thick, while the crash and ride are near constantly ring-war drums. The drums usually take the last seat as they are bit monotonous for this music most of the time and same holds good here.

Palm Desert - The Highest Fuel Level '09

01 - Get Ready For Me
02 - Existence Jail
03 - Still Believe
04 - Shotgun
05 - Bigger & Higher
06 - Doors of Perception
07 - Carefree Childhood
08 - Go Home
09 - Underwater

Palm Desert - Dawn of the Burning Sun '09

01 - Fallen Star Awakening
02 - 10,00 Miles Away
03 - Imagine Eyes
04 - Wakatan
05 - Dawn of the Burning Sun
06 - Highway Runaway
07 - If Only You Need a...
08 - Ubermensch
09 - Fucking Everything
10 - Endless Storm

Palm Desert - Falls of the Wastelands 2010

01 - After the Storm
02 - Chase the Sun
03 - Johnny Goblin
04 - Set Me Free
05 - Yerba Mate
06 - Grow Up My Little Man
07 - The Tempter
08 - Adliwun
09 - Jesus
10 - Give Me More
11 - Solar Trip


Coping with the Urban Coyote is the sole official release of Unida, the second post-Kyuss project featuring John Garcia, crunchier and more energetic than ever. What can you expect from a short lived band whose primary claim to fame is that the vocalist used to be in Kyuss? Unida delivers everything, especially riffs, they‘re fat, loud, and memorable. The Rhythm section is downright masterful, with some especially inspiring bass portions, and as for the voice of desert rock himself? If anything, Garcia’s voice has aged with style. In the 4 years since the breakup of Kyuss, he’s developed a fuller tone, with better expression and much more confidence. Tracks like “If Only Two”, and “Human Torpedo” feature a grittier, tougher Garcia, and a downright pounding rhythm.
The rhythm section delivers two downright monstrous performances in “If Only Two” and “You Wish”, and then a bunch of other solid backings in the other 6 tracks. The most remarkable thing about “Coping with the urban coyote” is that there isn’t a weak track to be seen. Even some of the best metal albums have the unnecessary ballad or the space-wasting filler. Unida has no need for such crutches. Being that It's referenced for both it’s stellar vocal performance and the quality of the rhythm section.

Unida - Coping With the Urban Coyote '99

01 - Thorn
02 - Black Woman
03 - Plastic
04 - Human Tornado
05 - If Only Two
06 - Nervous
07 - Dwarf It
08 - You Wish

Unida - The Great Divide 2001

This album got shelved due to company partner, Island/Def Jam, not seeing any potential in the album. As usual, the suits couldn't have been more wrong.

1. Puppet Man
2. Stray
3. Summer
4. King
5. Cain
6. Vince Fontaine
7. Hangman's Daughter
8. Glory Out
9. Slaylina
10. MFNO
11. Last Day
12. Trouble
13. Human Tornado
14. Thorn
15. Wet Pussycat

Thursday, May 26, 2011

SOUTHELL - Alcohol Fueled, Weed Inspired

Southell's first breaths take place in 2008, when Met and Strona merge at a Brutal Truth's gig. Soon after, Kian, Naso and Mich join the band.
Mostly inspired by Down, the band starts to play a direct southern metal with massive sludge/stoner's influences.
During the next two years, Southell brings heavy riffs at gigs and music festivals all over center Italy, playing with bands like Zippo, Orange Sunshine, Acajou, Vortice Cremisi, Kurnalcool and many more.

SOUTHELL - Alcohol Fueled, Weed Inspired e.p. 2011
1.Weedlust 06:01
2.Overtaken 07:18
3.Drowned 04:33
4.Straight On 06:15
5.Mind Trip 05:33
6.The Lie 10:10