Friday, February 26, 2010

Blowback - 800 Miles

"Blowback is a 4 piece Stoner Rock group from Örebro, Sweden. The sound has been described as "big Witchcraft meets little Dozer", heavy riffs mixed with the groove of the 70s. Already established a good reputation in the business with 2 previous albums (one split album and one full-length), second full-length "800 miles" by Örebro's Blowback is nothing less than a fist of pure 70's groove and attitude Hard Rock right in the face of the listener. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, Blowback gets a sound most 70's bands would kill for, a thick full sound while still maintaining that special feel that few bands today can manage".

01 The Only Thing I Have
02 The Big Black Hole
03 No Soul
04 Butterfly
05 Dead Man's Blues
06 Fool
07 Crossroads
08 Away From the Planet
09 Water In My Wine