Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sasquatch - Discography

"Sasquatch lead the way with their fiery brand of rock n' roll. You'll hear 70's hard rock mixed with a dash of metal carried by an unmistakable undercurrent of psychedelic sounds which permeate their songs. The hook is the focus and that's exactly what they do - hook you in and hold you hostage with a super-heavy, bone-crunching onslaught carrying you from one tight tune to another, leaving you eager with anticipation. Sasquatch will not only knock you on your ass, their collective boot will keep you pinned to the ground.

The band was formed in Los Angeles in 2001 by Philadelphia transplant Keith Gibbs (guitar, vox) and Detroit natives Rick Ferrante (drums) and Clayton Charles (bass). Upon Clayton’s departure in 2007, the guys recruited Chicagoan Jason Casanova (ex-Tummler, Volume) to join the fold. Drawing on influences from 70's metal, rock, and psychedelia, the band falls somewhere between an amalgamation of Black Sabbath, old Soundgarden, Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity, Mountain, and a bastardized version of Grand Funk Railroad. Their songwriting approach is clear; keep the focus on the hook.

The band’s newest album “III” was released on Small Stone Records in March 2010 and marked the beginning of a new chapter for the band. While this record continues to showcase their signature sound and technique, the production is bigger and the songwriting is more refined. Combining the simplicity of their Small Stone debut, “I” (released in 2004), with the melodic undercurrent of “II” (2006), they still manage to capture the raw essence that won them their moniker. The record also features a special guest appearance from Monster Magnet’s own Ed Mundell".

Sasquatch I

01 - Intro
02 - Chemical Lady
03 - Roller
04 - Dragonfly
05 - Believe It
06 - Cracks in the Pavement
07 - Knuckle Down
08 - Money Man
09 - Boss Hog
10 - Cyrus
11 - Yetti

Sasquatch II (released '06)

Just a really SOLID list of music in this Great record by a Great band!!!

1. Let It In
2. The Judge
3. Pleasure to Burn
4. Barrel of a Gun
5. Seven Years to Saturn
6. Nikki
7. Off the Rails
8. Glass Houses
9. Rattlesnake Flake
10. Catalina
11. What Have You Done

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Sasquatch III

01 - Get Out of Here
02 - Took Me Away
03 - Complicated
04 - Pull Me Under
05 - Soul Shaker
06 - Walkin' Shoes
07 - New Disguise
08 - Queen
09 - Leave It Up To You
10 - Bare My Soul
11 - No More Time
12 - Burning Bridges