Thursday, October 23, 2008

Raging Slab - Pronounced Eat Shit

Raging Slab - Pronounced Eat Shit ('02)

This album entitled Pronounced: Eat Shit was released in 2002, also on Tee Pee Records. After the release and European tour for Pronounced: Eat Shit, the band took a long hiatus, before announcing that longtime bassist Alec Morton was suffering from congestive heart failure.

1 Little Red Lights
2 Boogaloser
3 Ruby
4 Miss Delicious
5 Dry Your Eyes
6 Hell Yawns Before Me
7 Black Bell
8 Chrome Won't Get You Home
9 Shake What You Can
10 Never Never Know
11 When The Cock Crows
12 Bury me Deep
13 For What You're Worth

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