Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Raging Slab - Freeburden

The band reentered the studio to record their third RCA record Freeburden with producer Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Ozzy Osbourne, Chili Peppers) and during recording, and the group were utilizing the talents of Chili Pepper and Pearl Jam drummer, Jack Irons. Once again their work is rejected by RCA. Def American impresario Rick Rubin began to make offers to the group to leave RCA and make records for his flourishing label. The group agreed and Rubin bought out the remainder of their contract with RCA.

Raging Slab - Freeburden ('92)

1 - Anywhere But Here
2 - Human Cannonball
3 - Damn It All
4 - It's My Eyes
5 - Lynne
6 - Move That Thang
7 - Run Down Sun
8 - So Help Me
9 - Under The Sun
10 - Whistling Past The Graveyard
11 - Woe Is Me

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