Friday, October 24, 2008

sHEAVY - the Electric Sleep

sHEAVY - the Electric Sleep ('98)

The Electric Sleep was recorded in St. John's in the summer of 1997. Recording Engineer Don Ellis helped the band capture the simple, powerful sound they'd been searching for. The result was an album one British reviewer deemed "the best Black Sabbath album in 25 years." Black Sabbath comparisons were nothing new for the band, but for every review filled with praise another came along that maintained they were little more than clones. The album's doomy title track could even be found on the web described as a lost Sabbath track. After a short tour of the U.K. and an invitation to play the Dynamo Open Air Festival in The Netherlands, the band headed back to the studio.

1. "Virtual Machine"
2. "Velvet"
3. "Destiny's Rainbow"
4. "Electric Sleep"
5. "Born in a Daze"
6. "Automaton"
7. "Savannah"
8. "Saving Grace"
9. "Oracle"
10. "Stardust"
11. "Last Parade"

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