Friday, October 24, 2008

sHEAVY - The Machine That Won The War

sHEAVY - The Machine That Won The War ('07)

The Machine That Won the War is the sixth and most recent release by sHEAVY. It was released in 2007 on Candlelight Records. The album was with a limited edition live DVD produced by Studio 709, featuring footage that was shot on March 3 at the Holy Heart Auditorium in St. John's.

1. "The Sleeping Assassin"
2. "Demon Soldiers"
3. "Humanoid"
4. "Dawn of the Black Orchid"
5. "Aboard the Mothership"
6. "Rings of Saturn"
7. "Here Falls the Shadow"
8. "Lords of Radiation"
9. "The Dark Carnival"
10. "Where Earth Meets Sky"
11. "One of Us Must Be Dead"
12. "The Gunfighters"

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